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The first thought that comes to our mind when we talk about garage doors is that it is a vast door that is used to secure everything in our garage. What we often overlook is the fact that they are also an alternative entry to our home or office. So, it is important to properly maintain garage doors as they protect more than your garage. For any kind of assistance related to installing, maintaining and improving the quality of your current garage doors, you can call us anytime.

If you need an expert for garage door installation, repair, and maintenance anywhere in Los Angeles, CA area, your best bet is Metro Garage Door Service. We say this with confidence because we have been helping the local community for more than a decade now. We have set ourselves apart from the competition by providing residential as well as commercial client’s rapid garage door services. Over the years we have installed and maintained residential, commercial as well as industrial garage doors for our clients with maximum success.

Our professional team

Metro Garage Door Service Los Angeles, CA 323-539-3163When we hire an individual for our team, we put him/her through stringent tests so that we know that they are capable of handling any kind of situation on the field. That is why our team of highly professional individuals knows how to deal with garage doors of any size and type. They are experienced individuals who have been in the industry for years. Their skill levels are second to none and their knowledge of the various type of doors, materials, openers and springs will pleasantly surprise you.

Aside from their skills, expertise, and in-depth industry knowledge, our team also gets a chance to learn various skills in-house. We hold training sessions from time to time that is built to help them sharpen their skills as well as understand the new technology and the changes the industry is adopting. Be it a residential garage door or a commercial garage door, you should only call for an expert if you need any help in repairing or maintaining the door. Trying to figure out and repair it yourself will only result in further damage as these doors are complex to repair and understand. Our experts can fix broken springs as well as install new garage door opener parts, just call us and let the experts handle all your garage door problems.

Superior quality

Having access to some of the best quality door materials including top quality springs and highly advanced door openers, you can be sure that Metro Garage Door Service never compromises on quality. Metro Garage Door Service also invests heavily in the latest tools and gadgets so that our professionals can carry out any task easily while they are in the field.


Being one of the oldest and most trusted garage door company in the Los Angeles, CA area, we know that our customers are willing to pay thousands of dollars for installation and repair of their garage doors. Despite that, we only charge reasonable prices and do not exploit our customers unnecessarily. We charge affordable prices for our services that are pre-decided based on the service that we are offering so that the customer knows what he is paying beforehand.

Ready for anything 24/7

No matter what kind of garage door is installed at your property, be it an electric garage door, wooden garage door or a roller garage door, any kind of fault like loose spring, improper maintenance, etc. can be a potential cause of worry as it can lead to damage to both you and your property. Having a garage door company that is available 24/7 in your vicinity can give you the confidence that no matter what the time is, you can call them up to solve your problem. Metro Garage Door Service is one such 24 - hour garage door service in Los Angeles, CA that you can trust for all your garage door service needs.

Call us @ 323-539-3163 if you want to replace worn -out garage doors with advanced and stylish doors that will enhance your property’s visual appeal.  

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